Reducing EV powertrain noise without compromising efficiency: Latest research to be presented at CTI Berlin

Drive System Design (DSD), will present its system level approach to optimising electric vehicle NVH at the CTI Symposium Berlin, Germany on 11th December. ‘Quietly efficient – Reducing EV powertrain noise without compromising efficiency’ will be delivered by Head of Mechanical Engineering, Markus Hose at 15:00 in the Drivetrain Components, NVH & Sensors stream, explaining the challenges posed by balancing powertrain cost, efficiency and NVH before detailing the company’s solution.

“Electric vehicle development is a complex balancing act of expectation, cost and efficiency, both in terms of vehicle development and, ultimately, performance,” says Hose “DSD takes a system level approach aided by the electrified Powertrain Optimisation Process (ePOP), developed in-house, which simulates thousands of powertrain permutations to optimise an entire system. It considers detailed inverter, motor and transmission design, performance and drive cycle requirements before plotting overall cost against energy consumption.”

“High level sensitivities of components, such the effect of motor skew, can be assessed in this tool. The result is a powertrain that is optimised within its parameters using a process that is not only more exact than using traditional methods, but significantly faster. Using ePOP, the entire vehicle design process can be streamlined.”

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